As many have heard by now, The Seany Foundation is working harder than ever to provide wrap around services to all of our families. This includes the patient, the siblings, the caregivers, and everyone included. This also means that we are taking a holistic approach to how we are developing programs and conceptualizing projects. For those of you who have children that went to Teen Winter Weekend this past February know that this also means we are re-vamping how we do things and re-launching programs that had went away for a little bit.

With the help of long-time camp veteran, Stibi, we are re-launching the Junior Council. The intention in creating Junior Council is to create an institution where teens and young adults can develop a greater connection with The Seany Foundation community and programs while developing leadership skills in the process. The Junior Council will be an asset to both TSF community as well as everyone involved.

Stibi has spent the past 12 years working in various leadership roles within Camp Reach for the Sky, many of those years spent with the teens in both our Resident Oncology Camp as well as Siblings Camp. Outside of camp Stibi is a teacher and mentor to many other teens and young adults in the community.

It is important for us, at TSF, to recognize that our children will soon become adults and leaders within the community. A familial cancer diagnosis has added complications to every day challenges but we are here to address them. We recognize that our future leaders are extremely talented, intelligent, resilient, and creative and we are stepping up with the re-launch of the Junior Council to foster that growth and empower our campers, their families, their friends, and our community through this mentorship program.

The Junior Council is open to any and all of our campers and LIT ages 13-20 years old. If you or someone you know would be interested in joining TSF Junior Council please see the requirements below and feel free to leave us a comment, visit our website, or reach out via social media and we will get in contact with you!


-Must be between 13-20 years old

-Must have attended at least one full Camp Reach for the Sky camp session, in any capacity

-Must be committed to attending Junior Council meetings (to be held virtually so you will need internet access whether it is through a phone or computer)

-Attendance at select TSF events, TBD by the Junior Council members and coordinator, Stibi

Applications are currently closed for 2019, but stay tuned for the next application openings! Thank you for allowing us to be a continued part of your journey, please reach out to any one of us and we will be more than happy to help! Here, at TSF, we know that everything in life after a diagnosis has a little twist to it. We are here to help you navigate those twists, continue to develop your leadership, all while allowing YOU (the campers and families) to lead the way and let your voices be heard. You’re never too young to start! You might be surprised and what you can accomplish when coming together!

If you would like to learn more about Junior Council, please contact STIBI at [email protected]