After 12 years of operations, co-founder and CEO of The Seany Foundation, Mitchell J. Robins, will step down as CEO. The Seany Foundation will always be the legacy of Sean’s valiant fight against cancer. Our family will always honor Sean’s memory with powerful support and life confirming programs for kids and families affected by cancer. Please join us in thanking Mitch for his many years of service and for bringing the org into this new era of leadership.

With that, we would like to proudly announce the new CEO of The Seany Foundation, Bernard Mauricia. For the past 10 years, Bernard has dedicated his life to greatly improve the quality of life of those dealing with cancer through the American Cancer Society and The Seany Foundation. Please join us in congratulating Bernard on this momentous occasion. The future is bright at The Seany Foundation and with Seany's Camp Reach for the Sky. We very much look forward to taking our next steps with you.